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Dawne Miller
Bumblebeebodyworks I must say that Melissa has gone above and beyond anyone that I have been to for my pain issues. She is very comforting and I really like that about her. I will recommend her for any issues someone might have.
Amazing Melissa is transformational - absolutely wonderful!
Terry M
Great Massage Had my first Thai Massage in USA yesterday at Bumblebee Body Works. Previous Thai Massages were done in Misawa, Japan. My experience at Bumblebee Body Works far exceeded my expectations. I will be booking another in the very near future. Thank you Melissa, Terry
David Sheffer
Mr Melissa at bumblebee massage was awesome she is kind and knows what she's doing
Janna W
Magical Melissa is wonderful! She provided me so much information, most of which I wish doctors would have given me years ago; it would have saved me so much time and pain. She really understands the body as a system and helps massage and manipulate it into working holistically. Her massage was different than anything I'd experienced before - so much better and purposeful! I'll definitely go back!
Great place I’ve been going to the same massage therapist for a long time. Had to find a new one because she moved. Melissa is great, spent time with me before we started talked about what I was looking for in my needs. She exceeded my expectations and would recommend her to anybody.
Kelly C
Awesome Experience I have been looking for someone like Melissa, who is trained in multiple techniques, for almost 2 years. I was referred to her by a co-worker and all I can say is that she is phenomenal! She is not only passionate about her work, but is extremely gifted in her techniques. She doesn't just perform massage, she gives instruction on treating yourself with stretching and exercise to facilitate the healing that is needed. If you want genuine healing and not just a foo foo massage this is your place!
Hernan S
Director of Compliance My massage with Mellissa was fantastic. She is helping me with a severe sciatica issue. I came to the right place as she cares for her clients and does not see us simply as a number! Thank you Melissa!
Tara Brown
Massage Melissa has been my therapist for over a year now. Melissa is the only therapist my husband and I see now. Melissa is a all around gifted person. I can’t imagine not having her in my life not only for all of her care of my kind and body but as a generally awesome person. I look forward to my massage every month with her and she always knows what I need by just working in my body. Thank you Melissa for being in my life. God bless
Michael B
Massage therapy Melissa is the best! She is not your normal massage therapist, she is a Massage healer.
Sarah B
Most Amazing Therapist I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to book with Bumblebee Bodyworks and Melissa. She is so kind and you feel so at ease with her. She has been tremendously helpful with pain resolution in the short time I have seen her. She offers a program that you won't find anywhere else, thank you Melissa!
Hernan S
Theraputic Massage Melissa provided me a last minute therapeutic massage for my aches and pains. She was "fantastic". Melissa treats you like a person, not a number. Hurry up and make an appointment. You will be glad you did, promise!!!
Thank you! As an athlete, massage is critical to release those toxins, and Melissa delivered. Melissa is super connected to this line of work, and takes her time to ensure the service provided is done right.
Joshua F
An amazing experience Review of Melissa Lea Garcia Melissa provided an amazing massage. The experience was so enlightening. She helped centered my mind and body in a way the melted my anxiety and stress away. I would highly recommend Melissa.
Tara B
Massage Melissa is a miracle worker and such an awesome human being. She genuinely cares about your overall health and gives you great ideas to help you between sessions!! She's my ONE and ONLY masseuse.. blessing and love
Melissa L
Amazing! I love going to Bumblebee Bodyworks. Melissa is a wonderful massage therapist, and you can tell that she really cares about making sure that you feel comfortable during your time at Bumblebee. I feel more relaxed just when I walk in the door. I always leave feeling even better. Great place!
Mike L
Awesome Massage My recent massage was amazing. I moved to the Illinois side of St. Louis a few years ago and was looking for a good massage therapist. Melissa is not jut good- she is great. Looking forward to my next treatment!
Chris P
Awesome therapist As a fellow massage therapist I appreciate a good touch. Mellissa has a fantastic touch as well as being very present and in tune with her work. She is very knowledgeable and truly cares about my health and I recommend her for anyone looking for a female therapist and a truly memorable experience!
Michael B
Massage The very best message!
Derrick C
Great Massage The massage was great. My body felt so relaxed and revitalized. If you haven't made an appointment with Melissa, you really should. I would give her 10 stars if I could.
Kendall V
Perfection My massage at bumblebee bodyworks was the most relaxing massage i have ever had. Melissa is truly amazing and has a rare gift. Everything from the setting to the hospitality was truly amazing. i will definitely be coming back!
Tara B
Review of last service Melissa is amazing and truly blessed with a gift my massage is never typical .. she is unbelievable in finding what needs worked on and is one of the best communicators in regards to your overall health with wonderful ideas helpful information for your body and health. I literally couldn't function in my life without her!! ❤️❤️
Joe L
The Best Massage Ever Melissa is by far the best massage therapist I've ever seen. Highly recommend her.